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Owner: Cathy Smith
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Puppy Contract Details

At RedLegends, we believe that a sales contract is the best way to protect the puppies that we produce and to benefit the bulldog breed in general. Our contract helps to maintain high standards and expectations on our part and on the part of those whom we entrust to provide our puppies with great homes. It allows all parties to know where they stand, which will facilitate a long-term trusting relationship.

Date of Agreement between Buyer and Seller:
Dogs Reg name:
Reg #:
Call Name:
Microchip #:
Date of Birth:

Health Guarantee:

Our puppies are guaranteed until two years of age against fatal and life altering congenital diseases, which adversely affect the health of the animal. Should the dog die within this two-year frame, the buyer will pay to have a necropsy. If reason is congenital, the breeder/seller will replace the puppy. Although as breeders, we strive and health test to improve on each generation, our health guarantee does not cover what is considered in the bulldog breed to be common: cherry eye, entropion or any eyelid/eyelash problems, loose hips/knees, hemi vertebra, skin allergies, elongated soft palate and demodectic mange.

Our guarantee does not include poisoning, accidents, negligence of behavioral problems as training philosophies and environments vary and the breeder has no control on this.

All our puppies are sold on non-breeding contracts, breaking this part of the contract constitutes a 25,000.00 fine payable to the breeder.
There are certain disorders that may be caused by environmental factors and overuse of chemicals and vaccinations. For example: allergies, thyroid dysfunction, demodectic mange and other autoimmune disorders are not covered in our guarantee. We raise our puppies according to Dr Alison Jones vaccine protocol. We feel it is important to consider the geographic conditions of your area and make informed decisions before choosing whether to vaccinate against Lyme and Leptospirosis. The puppy will have received all age appropriate shots, been dewormed, passed a vet check and any pre-existing problems will be noted here.

NO pre-existing problems:
This pup has no pre-existing problems:
The buyer agrees they were notified of any pre-existing problems: Initial(s)______________

Our guarantee is by replacement only, we do not give refunds.

Buyers Responsibility

This puppy is being sold as a pet and is to reside indoors at the Buyers address and be their pet and companion. A copy of the Canadian Kennel Club registration will be provided to the Buyer within six months from the date of purchase.
If a deposit was put down on a puppy prior to the litter being 4 weeks of age, the Buyer agrees to make there pick on or before the litter is 6 weeks old. If this is not done the Buyer understands they may lose their pick.

The dog shall never be used for an attack dog or guard dog.

The Buyer shall provide the dog with adequate food, fresh water, shelter, affection, love and humane care in accordance with all current and future provincial, county and municipal laws and ordinances where the Buyer resides.

The Buyer shall provide the dog with necessary veterinary care upon sickness, disease, or injury. The Buyer has researched the breed and confirms they are familiar with the Bulldog breed and aware of the potential health issues that can occur in any Bulldog. The Buyer hereby acknowledges that common Bulldog health issues are beyond the control of the Breeder, as we cannot change the physiological nature of a brachycephalic breed. The Buyer agrees to provide appropriate care and correction.

The Buyer is aware that the Breeder is committed to tracking health issues in their breeding program and is striving to maintain and improve quality. The Buyer agrees to inform the Breeder of health issues that may develop or if any health screening is performed as a result.

The Breeder recommends the Buyer secure pet insurance at least for the first year of the puppy’s life.
It is the Buyer’s responsibility to except the puppy as described. The Breeder has provided, and the Buyer has acknowledged a full disclosure of the health, habits, and temperament of the said puppy.

The Buyer agrees that the Breeder is in no way liable or responsible for any damage, accident, or injury resulting from the dog, or to the dog after delivery.

The Buyer agrees to pay the Breeder any and all expenses, including court costs in the Breeders County and reasonable attorney fees, in enforcing the terms and provisions of this contract.

Both Buyer and Breeder agree not to make any oral, electronic or written communications to any person or entity, which disparages or criticizes either party regarding the Buyer, the Breeder, or the said puppy. Communications regarding the health and welfare of the puppy must be done directly between the Buyer and the Breeder.

Should the Buyer be unable or unwilling to fulfill any of the above provisions of this contract, the Buyer agrees to return the dog to the Breeder at the Breeders request. Should the Buyer refuse to return the dog, the Buyer hereby authorizes the Breeder to pick up and remove the dog from the Buyer’s control. The Buyer will sign all papers back to the Breeder and forfeit all rights to the said animal. The dog shall not be sold, transferred, or given away to any individual, or to any retail or wholesale establishment for the purpose of sale or resale, neither to the public, nor to any research institution where medical experimentation or other practices take place. The buyer agrees that the dog cannot be euthanized without the written consent of the Breeder, unless under advisement of a licensed vet due to medical reasons only.

This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties. Any changes or amendments must be in writing, signed by both the Buyer and the Breeder. This agreement may be signed in counterparts and a copy is acceptable as the original. Rights under this Agreement are not transferable to any other person(s). This agreement is made under the laws of Ontario and any disputes arising out of it shall be heard in an Ontario court closes to the Breeders residence. Buyer has read and understands this 4-page document.

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